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When you find yourself dealing with family legal troubles, there is no doubt that it will be a tough battle to get through. There will be implications for all parties involved, especially for the children. Fortunately, if your family law case is in Texas, there are many legal protections available for families. But, if you are unfamiliar with these laws, you need experienced Heidenheimer family law attorneys to provide you with the right legal assistance and representation.

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Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is an established Heidenheimer, TX family law firm. We personalize our legal services to match each client’s case because we know that not all cases are the same, and their results will also vary. No matter how severe the case, our family law attorneys are licensed to handle it and work with you to fight for the ideal result.

We don’t just help you make the preliminary arrangements for your case. You can also contact us to get existing arrangements modified or enforced if the circumstances between all parties have changed. Our team will also be behind you as you try to pick up your life after your family’s legal battle and protect your and your family’s rights.

Call Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law at (254) 274-5264 for your Consultation with a Heidenheimer Family Law attorney.

Experienced Family Attorneys

At Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, we have a great team of experienced Heidenheimer family law attorneys who can tackle any kind of family legal case regardless of its severity. We can sit down with you to discuss the case before you and personalize our legal services accordingly to increase the chances of getting the best result for the case.

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Some of the family legal cases we can handle include:

Divorce: Ending a marriage through divorce is a lengthy battle as it will need to resolve several issues before it can be finalized. Our family law attorneys can work with any divorce case and make it easier for you to follow. We can also help you collect all the evidence needed to support your stance in the divorce proceedings and create an amicable arrangement for key issues such as child custody and support, asset division, and more.

Property and Asset Division: In a marriage, it is highly likely that the couple will collect a lot of assets and properties. However, when they do separate, dividing these properties and assets can be challenging because each party will definitely have a specific asset or property they want to claim for themselves. There is also the issue that the court may even include the properties owned by each party prior to the marriage. Our lawyers can take a look at the properties and assets that are currently considered for distribution and make sure you can fight for the properties that truly mean a lot to you. We will also do our best to protect your separate properties, which should not be included in the case.

We can also work on high-value and high-profile divorce cases which will involve high-value assets and property.

Heidenheimer Family Attorney mom and girl 300x200Child Custody: Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can also help you fight for custody of your children and protect their well-being. We can help you collect all the needed evidence to support your custody claim and establish visitation arrangements so the other parent can still have a connection with the children. If there is a great need to modify the arrangement, our attorneys will be on the case to get it done.

Child Support: Our Heidenheimer family law attorneys can also assist you in seeking child support or providing the right amount if you are the one ordered by the court to pay for it. Through our knowledge and experience, we can assist in identifying the right amount that should be requested by the other parent for child support and make sure that the other parent will pay on time and completely. Meanwhile, if you are the one who is ordered to pay child support, we can appeal the amount or get it adjusted if your circumstances change. Our team can also fight for enforcement if the other party does not cooperate.

Spousal Support: Spousal support may also be included in the divorce proceedings if the court sees that the other party will require assistance to help them establish their life after the divorce. Some parties may not be happy to pay spousal support, especially if it is a hostile divorce. On your behalf, we can request spousal support and show why the court should grant it. Meanwhile, if you are the party that is ordered to pay spousal support, we can take a look at the computation used to determine the amount and argue against it if you believe that the amount or duration is not correct.

Heidenheimer Family Attorney father and child 300x200Father’s Rights Lawyer: Although it is automatically the mother who gets full custody of the child if they are not married to the child’s father, the father can fight for their rights so they can be active in their child’s life. Our legal team can assist you as you file your petition before the court and establish your paternity. You can also trust Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law to help you assert your father’s rights if you are divorced from your child’s mother.

Domestic Violence: Out of all the possible legal troubles families can face, domestic violence cases are the trickiest to resolve. Many victims tend to stay silent due to the fear that their abusers will hunt them should their actions be reported to the authorities. If you or someone you know happens to be a domestic violence victim, you can trust our family law attorneys to get you to safety and file the case in court. We will also fight on your behalf so you don’t have to face your abusers as the court proceedings take place.

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Dealing with any legal trouble can be very draining if you try to handle it yourself, especially if that legal trouble involves the family. However, you can lessen the burden on yourself and your family if you get the legal services of an experienced and trustworthy family law attorney who knows precisely what to do to get the best result for your case. These dedicated attorneys can also help you make the best legal decisions as the case progresses by providing you with legal resources and advice.

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is always ready to take on your case and be your strongest advocate during this tough period in your life. We will give you all the necessary resources to prepare you for your case, and we will do our best to fight for the result that benefits you and your family. Learn more about our legal services today through our hotline, and we’ll get to work immediately.

Call Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law at (254) 274-5264 for your Consultation with a Heidenheimer Family Law attorney.