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Every child deserves to live a stress-free life where their needs are met and get all the support they need from their parents. Whether it may be the essentials or good education and healthcare, parents must be able to provide them at any time, regardless of when they need it. This responsibility is a huge must if the parents undergo divorce or separation.

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Texas has a specific statute that gives courts the directive to compel either or both parents to support their minor child until they are 18 years old or have already graduated high school (whichever comes first), they get married, their disabilities are cured, or they have passed away. The court will utilize a variety of factors to compute the exact amount of child support that one or both parents will need to provide.

You can trust Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law to connect you with experienced and compassionate Aquilla child support attorneys who help you with your case. From knowing the amount of support that fits your child’s needs and sorting out a schedule for the child support to getting the order modified or contested, our legal team is on the case, and we will fight for the arrangement that works for everyone, especially for your child’s needs.

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Child Support Calculation

To compute the child support amount, Texas law carefully considers factors such as the time spent by each parent with the child, physical custody, the child’s needs, and the current financial situation of either parent. While it is not uncommon for the court to decide either joint or sole child support, it is quite often that child support is given by the “obligor” or the noncustodial parent. It’s because this parent does not spend a lot of time with the child since they are not in their custody.

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The amount they pay varies, but it is usually a specific percentage of their income, while the schedule depends on the parent’s schedule. The Texas Child Support Guidelines also indicate that the amount will not affect their capacity to pay their other financial obligations.

Under the guidelines, it states that:

  1. Noncustodial parents should give 20% of their net income for the first child and an additional 5% for each child after.
  2. Noncustodial parents who have five or more children eligible for child support should give at least 40% of their income.
  3. Noncustodial parents must still pay child support even if they are unemployed.
  4. Child support orders for noncustodial parents with children in different homes can be adjusted.

The presence of the guidelines makes sure that the parents are able to maintain a strong connection with their children even if they are no longer living in the same home. It also guarantees that a child can grow up without worries as their needs will be met by their parents despite their current arrangement. Your Aquilla child support attorney at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law will give you a brief and understandable guide on child support and sit down with you to see the amount you are expected to pay or receive based on the current guidelines. You can also count on Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law to help you appeal if you believe the amount is not enough or it is too much.

Child Support Enforcement

If you are receiving child support, it would be trouble if they are even a bit late and are not complete. However, there are instances wherein the one providing support will be unable to do their obligations on time or in full due to factors such as job loss, changed lifestyle, or disregard for their responsibilities completely.

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When this happens, you can report the incident to the court and request enforcement action to get the parent tasked with providing child support to do their responsibility. Once the court gets your request, there are many actions they can take to resolve the case and punish the violating parent through fines or jail time. If the violating parent applies for bail, the judge may ask them to pay a portion of the outstanding child support as part of their release condition. Additional penalties such as passport denial, license suspension, credit report, and others may be ordered depending on the situation.

You can trust our Aquilla child support attorney to help you prepare the request to get the court to enforce the child support order and make sure the other parent fulfills their responsibility. We will do our best to make the process a stress-free one because we understand how important it is to provide for your child’s needs, especially when they need it.

Child Support Modification

Even if a child support arrangement is ordered by the court, there will be instances where the amount may no longer be enough for the child’s changing needs. Should this happen, the parents can petition the court to adjust the order to match the needs of the child and their current circumstances.

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Before a child support modification request is approved, the parent must prove that there is a good reason to adjust the amount. Some of the reasons which will automatically have the court order a child support modification include a parent’s loss of employment, overseas relocation, and an altered child custody agreement.

Parents can also request a child support modification from the Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division (OAG) if the existing order is three years old and the current amount differs by 20% or $100 from the updated guidelines for a child support modification.

Our Aquilla child support attorney assigned to your case will look into the existing child support order and see if your current circumstances can be used to seek a modification to the order. We can help you prepare all the necessary documents to show that you do need a modification order in place so it matches your child’s needs and your circumstances.

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Your child deserves to get all the support they need to grow, especially from your former spouse. If they argue that they should not pay for child support, you have the law to back you up and secure it.

Our Aquilla, TX family law firm will be the staunchest supporter in your campaign to secure child support for your child or children and make sure the court provides you with the right amount so you can help your child grow and achieve their full potential. We can also help you get the child support arrangements enforced or modified if needed since you can never tell what your child needs in the future. Our team will be on the case whenever you need us and get it resolved in no time at all.

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