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Children deserve to live in a free and safe environment while still having access to both their parents, whether they are married, separated, or not. Fortunately, there are legal options in place to help parents determine which parent should have custody of their children while still providing a way for the other parent to still be involved in their children’s life. In Texas, the option is known as the conservatorship, and we at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can help you make the best possible arrangement for you and your children.

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When you reach out to our Lorena child custody attorneys, they will guide you through the custody proceedings and make sure that you get the arrangement that all parties will benefit from. Whether you are just sorting out the custody arrangements or you wish to force the other parent to recognize the agreement, we can take the right legal action and make sure you are ready for any result.

Our team will also try its best to provide you with the important resources you need so that if there is a need to get the arrangements adjusted or enforced, you can decide the best course of action.

Our legal services are also personalized to suit each case because we understand that every case is unique, especially when it comes to what the child needs. No matter what result you are after or how serious the case is, you can trust us to make the process less stressful and get strong supporters during this difficult legal battle.

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Child Custody in Texas

Under Texas state law, child custody is known as “conservatorship,” and the “conservator” is the parent that has physical and legal rights to the child. They will be the ones to decide where the child will stay, which school to go to, what medical facility to go to when they get sick, and so on.

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Usually, a conservatorship can be either one of two options: joint conservatorship or sole conservatorship. In joint conservatorship, both parents have a say as to how the child should be brought up, and both have access to the child.

Meanwhile, sole conservatorship means that only one parent has the legal right and custody of the child. It is important to note that though joint conservatorship is ordered, the legal rights of either parent may differ depending on the court’s assessment of the situation.

In terms of visitation agreements or “access and possession,” it is often given to the “possessory conservator” or the parent who has joint conservatorship but does not live with the child in the same home. If visitation rights are requested, the “possessory conservator” should be capable of providing the child with the care they need and a visitation plan or standard possession order the court can approve of.

Our Lorena child custody attorney can help you fight for the conservatorship arrangement that suits all parties and considers the child’s needs. We will do our best to explain every detail to you and assist you with the paperwork so the arrangement plan can be approved by the court without further issues.

Determining Child Custody

A child has the right to stay in regular contact with both their parents because they play a vital role in guiding them through life and providing them with all the support they may need. Because of this, Texas law is designed to push for joint managing conservatorship during child custody battles unless it can be proven that it will not be beneficial for the child’s overall development and one or both parents are not up to the task.

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The court will regularly check the condition of both parents, as well as their conduct, household stability, and behavior towards the child, to determine if the child’s custody should be with a specific parent or not. If the child is old enough, their choice will also be considered before the court makes its final decision.

While it is hard to say if we can win the result you wish in your custody battle, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law will do its best to make sure it will still meet your child’s needs and interests. Our Lorena, TX family law firm has helped families create the best custody arrangement for their situation and be the legal representative they need should they find any problems enforcing the arrangement.

Custody Modification and Enforcement

Many things could happen from the time the custody order is given by the court. Either one of the parents may have changed circumstances that may affect their capacity to follow the custody order, or the child’s needs have changed significantly. If there is a valid reason to seek a modification, an appeal can be filed before the court so they can consider the request and make the appropriate changes. The appeal must show the importance of the custody modification, especially for the child, and how drastic the situation has changed since the order was issued.

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When you speak to your assigned Lorena child custody attorney, they will take their time to get to know your new situation before providing you with the right legal support to get your existing custody agreement modified. We will also make the explanation regarding the modification process easier to understand so you can make the soundest legal decision for your case as it is heard by the court.

Our team will also work alongside the other party to create the best child custody plan that will be for the benefit of the child and be workable for both parents, given the current circumstances.

If the other party refuses to cooperate or follow the existing custody order, we will take on the task of informing the court and getting their aid in enforcing it. We will do our best to fight for your child’s needs because, without the other parent, it may affect their growth and connection with their parents. Our team will fight for the right penalties to be given to the violating parent and make sure they fulfill their responsibilities.

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As a parent, there are many protections available for you to protect your child and ensure they have a good life even if you separate from their other parent through divorce.

We at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can provide you with legal advice and assistance to make sure you have full custody of your child while still providing avenues for the other parent to bond with the child in a specified time. Our child custody team is also here to help you get the custody arrangement enforced or modified if needed.

Contact our Lorena, TX family law firm any time, and we’ll show you how easy it is to get legal support for your family cases whenever it happens.

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